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475 Brannan Street

  Recycling and Composting Program

The 475 Brannan management team takes Composting and Recycling very seriously. Not only is it important for the environment but there are also city mandated standards that we must abide by. Our building qualifies as a Large Refuse Generator and is therefore subject to Diversion Audits every 3 years. Because of this, we work with and encourage all of our tenants to comply with the standards set forth by the City of San Francisco. Our janitors do not remove contamination from the Compost or Recycling. If Composting or Recycling bins are egregiously contaminated, the entire bag will be placed in the Trash (Landfill bin). Please contact the management office if you would like to schedule a Recycling and Composting presentation for your office.

To learn more about the Large Refuse Generator Diversion Audits, please visit:


For lists of what goes where, please visit:


For printable signage, please visit:


Electronic Waste

There are electronic waste and battery recycling containers located on the first floor, in the hallway past the security desk, near the loading dock doors. All building employees are encouraged to deposit electronic waste and batteries in the designated containers. Do not place any electronic waste or batteries in the trash.

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