Indoor Air Quality

Clarion Partners has a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Inspection Program which aims to maintain clean and healthy indoor air in every Clarion building. It requires periodic IAQ audits, including inspection of equipment, measurement of air and drinking water contaminants, and assessment of occupant comfort.

If you have an indoor air quality complaint, please contact your Office Manager (tenant representative). The Office Manager should submit an online work order and an on-site staff member will be dispatched to follow up on the matter. Property Management will ensure that appropriate action is taken to mitigate the issue. Resolution is reported to the Office Manager.

No-Smoking Policy
This policy aims to maintain clean and healthy indoor air in every Clarion building, preventing or minimizing exposure of building occupants, systems, and indoor surfaces to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). It prohibits smoking within 25 feet of building entries, outdoor air intakes, and operable windows and addresses signage and designated smoking areas. Our designated smoking area is on the East Side of the building near Brannan street defined by the black and white stripes on the sidewalk. Ash trays are provided in this area for your use.